23rd June – Downtown/Hollywood/Beverly Hills/Bel-Air, Los Angeles, California, USA

With Simon in work, Kasia drops mum, dad and I for breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien, a bakery that makes the most delicious home baked organic bread. Dad samples the entire coffee menu and we all eat a lot of bread.

Dropped on Hollywood Boulevard we stroll along the Walk of Fame stepping on the famous pink named stars of Hollywood greats past and present. In true tourist fashion we book ourselves on board the Starline tour of the Star’s homes. In our roofless truck we pop in our headphones and begin the tour visiting Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Bel-Air. Our funny guide points out celebrity owned houses and famous movie locations. We drive along Mulholland Drive that gives magnificent views over Los Angeles on one side and the Valley on the other. We see Studio City and the luxurious houses at the Summit. We drive along the Rodeo Drive window shopping in the expensive boutiques that line the road. With a final drive along Sunset Boulevard, Wilshire and finally back onto Hollywood Boulevard we disembark, all a little sun kissed from sun exposure.

Kasia picks us up and takes us home. When Simon arrives from work we go for a beer and some food at Whole Foods Bar Eight followed by cocktails up on the roof at the Perch. We listen to the live band and take in the views of Downtown from our high vantage point. Our next stop on this downtown bar crawl is Spin at the Standard. A table tennis bar where we all take it in turns to play each other. Dad has got some skills I appear not to have inherited. A fun way to end our night.

We put mum and dad in a cab back to their hotel and on our walk home we see Jedward crossing the road. Of all the celebrities to spot I have to spot them!

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