8th July – Santa Monica/Anaheim, Los Angeles, California, USA

Yesterday was all about dad and his search for golf clubs that saw us drive to different speciality shops, calling many stores and eventually driving for miles to get the ones he wanted. Today it’s all about Mum.

After coffee at the Coffee Bean with Mum, Dad, Simon, Joe, Cholo and Eric, we drive with Simon to Doves then while he’s in work we make the long drive to Anaheim and Mum’s favourite place in the entire world – Disneyland.

I’m not going to lie, I haven’t been to a Disney park since I was a little kid and I too have a magical day. Dad and I ride on all of the amazing themes rides, racing with Lightening McQueen on the Cars ride, intergalactic fighting on the Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain rollercoaster in the dark and we even manage to talk Mum into joining us on the Twilight Zone’s Tower of Terror. Brilliant.

Dad’s favourite Disney cartoon is surprisingly Frozen and so we go to see the Frozen musical premiere. A technical hitch sees Anna, Kristoff and Sven (the reindeer) suspended indefinitely high above the stage on wires escaping the wolves. The show is halted awhile but is soon back underway – it’s very clever, funny and entertaining.

Thanks to one of Simon’s work colleagues, Jamie (who has an annual Disney pass), we find the only hidden bar in Disney that sells alcohol. As an added bonus children are not allowed – result! We order drinks and chat with some local youngsters who also have Disney passes and kindly offer us their reserved tickets to the night show. The water show is amazing. Cartoons are projected onto the water sprays that fill the night sky as we are told the story of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse. Very impressed.

Next stop is the firework show over the magic castle accompanied by the famous songs that we all know and love. After dinner on Main Street we watch the night parade, which comes to a stop and we find ourselves trapped on Main Street. Another technical hitch? Cinderella is escorted off of her float, I think that perhaps Prince Charming has been a little too charming and old Cinders has a pumpkin in the oven! The last thing wide eyed kiddies want to see is vomit down a princesses gown so probs for the best that the parade continues without her.

We drive home completely Disneyfied and don’t get to bed until the early hours.

One thought on “8th July – Santa Monica/Anaheim, Los Angeles, California, USA”

  1. I can c Terry still loves wearing the occasional headdress , thought he looked particularly fetching in the tall red number . Maybe not as good as the one on stage in the Caribbean . 👑👒
    E tall red number .


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