10th July – Santa Monica/Pasadena/Downtown, Los Angeles, USA

I drive the folks downtown. With Simon and Kasia aboard and everyone with a Starbucks in hand we drive to Pasadena and the Rose Bowl flea market. It is incredibly hot today, the baking sun heats up the Tarmac and we are soon all dehydrating. It doesn’t prevent us from enjoying rummaging amongst the treasures on sale, pointing out the weird and the wonderful. The Rose Bowl gates are open today so after a breakfast burrito we get to stand inside the famous stadium.

With the heat so intense we are soon craving the air conditioning that the car provides driving the short distance to the golf club. We enjoy a beer and lots of water in the clubhouse then Mum, Kasia and I watch the boys tee off before heading into Old Pasadena for an Italian lunch and a bottle of red.

We spend the afternoon shopping. Once we’ve exhausted the old town shops we head to the Americana Mall, a busy and rather glamorous shopping experience that boasts the campest water feature I have ever seen. Fountains dance around an oversized metallic gold Adonis.

The boys catch us up and we all dine together at a lovely Italian restaurant.

After dinner I jump in the car with Simon and Kasia, Joe takes mum and dad home. I’m glad I get to visit the downtown apartment once more before leaving tomorrow. We meet the others at Bodega wine bar in Santa Monica for a nightcap, Moses joins us and the staff make sure we all have a celebratory shot with them before we leave.

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